Animal Care Information

Have you ever been to a doctor, dentist, or vet and then thought of a question or wanted more information about a diagnosis when you get home? Well we can’t help you with the doctor or dentist, but this facility may be just what you need for your pet.

These advice leaflets are written by qualified and highly experienced veterinary healthcare professionals, and are being updated and added to constantly. But please note, they are not a substitute for a consultation, but act as adjunct, to remind you why the vet has prescribed the medicine or other course of action or to give additional information about a condition or to alert you to potential side effects that might mean we have to change tactics. Alternatively they may be helpful if you think your pet has a particular condition and want to know more before making an appointment.

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Healthy Pet Plan

Healthy Pet Plan

Our healthy pet plan scheme helps you budget for any treatment your pet may need

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