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All Creatures’ cat holiday preparations

December 21, 2018

Heading for your New Year holidays and wondering whether you can or should take your cat along? You know your pet and its likes – and dislikes – better than anyone, but if you are going away, whether you take kitty or not, the team at All Creatures have a few suggestions to help out.

Our downloadable checklist is available here, but here are some pointers on keeping cats happy during the holidays .

Download our checklist

Most cats are territorial so feel most secure on home ground. Of course, there are always exceptions. If you know your cat to be an adventurer, these days you can even take it to countries within Europe, so long as it is microchipped, has a pet passport and is vaccinated against rabies.

Preparing your cat for the holidays

But if you know your cat wouldn’t enjoy a getaway in the same way as the rest of the family, you can do a lot to make sure it continues to feel safe and comfortable in your absence.

If you’re only away for a few days, timed feeders are a great option, says our vet, Louise, but for longer periods a more structured approach is needed.

There are plenty of good catteries, but nervous cats might feel stressed by the change in environment, so a pet sitter may be a better option.

A friend or a cat-loving neighbour can often be persuaded to call into your home a couple of times a day to feed your pet, change its litter tray and spend some time engaging with it.

What your sitter needs to know

  • Your cat – if you are introducing a new sitter do so well before you go away so your pet becomes familiar with them.
  • Your cat’s routine – any changes around a cat’s set routine can make it stress.
  • Your cat’s diet – cats can be fussy, especially during social change, so maintaining the familiarity of food will be one less stress.
  • Your cat’s hiding places – you don’t want to come back to a stressed sitter because your pet has snuck off for a snooze in its favourite toasty spot.

Follow these simple suggestions and both you and your cat will enjoy a stress-free break. Happy holidays from All Creatures’ team.

Download our checklist