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All Creatures’ tips for making Christmas safer for pets

November 14, 2019

Christmas is a fantastic family time – and our pets are a big part of that. However, it’s also a hectic season around the house, with lots of unfamiliar items that your pet might get curious about.

To avoid harm to your pet and keep festivities stress-free for everyone else, take a look at our safety tips below.

Plus, don’t forget to ask us if there’s anything you’re particularly worried about. The friendly team at our Sandy Lane clinic is always happy to offer advice and support.

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Here’s our list of potential pet hazards to watch out for during the festive season:

  • Christmas trees – With twinkly lights and trinkets hanging from its branches, your tree may be a source of fascination for your pet. In case they try to climb it or jump up, make sure it’s firmly secured and ideally in a corner – and also try to avoid decorations that dangle within easy reach. You must also clear up needles in case your pet ingests them and injures their insides.
  • Festive plants – Mistletoe, holly and real Christmas trees can be poisonous to cats and dogs, so must be kept out of their reach if they have a tendency to chew greenery. For other pets, make sure you research what’s safe and what isn’t.
  • Candles, lights and cables – Fire can spread quickly if candles are knocked over – and an excited dog or cat might do just that. They should therefore never be left unattended (by you); and always placed on high shelves. Likewise, make sure that electric cables are out of sight and your pet’s access is blocked.
  • Stress – Christmas can be an anxious time for pets, with extra people and noise around the house. Make sure they have a ‘safe haven’ they can escape to when it all becomes too much, so they can rest and recharge.
  • Toxic foods – Many of the tasty treats we enjoy over Christmas can be dangerous to our pets, so need to be kept carefully out of reach. Particularly risky items include chocolate, mince pies, Christmas pudding, gravy and alcohol – along with cooked poultry bones, which can splinter and damage your pet’s internal organs. If you suspect your pet has eaten anything dangerous, call us IMMEDIATELY on 01603 89 89 84.
  • Overindulging – It seems kind to treat your pet, but giving them too many unusual morsels can have a negative impact on their health – so try to maintain their standard balanced diet as far as possible. And remember that if you make their food exciting for a while, they’ll become VERY picky when it returns to normal.

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information.

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