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Britain’s daily dog walk needs your help

February 28, 2019

Under 50% of the nation’s dogs get daily walks

We’ve been shocked at All Creatures Healthcare in Norwich after finding out that only 42% of the nation’s cherished canines are getting walked daily.

A recent study of 1,500 pet owners by Forthglade, a Devon-based pet food company, was met by a range of excuses:

  • Being too tired to go out after work
  • 20% said that their dog didn’t like poor weather
  • 4% said that their dog didn’t like getting dirty

In addition, the average weekday dog walk was found to be less than 20 minutes long, despite the recommended daily walk being 30 minutes.

Of these surprising results, Gerard Lovell, joint managing director of Forthglade, said:

Our research highlights a growing need for people to extend their daily dog walks, to really make the most of all the health and wellbeing benefits to both us and our dogs. It’s also a wonderful way to nurture the special bond between dogs and owners, which in itself, makes us so happy.

Benefits of walking your dog daily…

  • Quality time – Walks bring you closer to your dog, and this can be important for building trust and social development.
  • Weight control – Walking is good exercise for dogs and humans, decreasing blood pressure, increasing energy, and lowering weight by 5% in humans and 15% in dogs.
  • Decreases loneliness – Dogs can spend a lot of the day alone, so taking them out for a walk makes up for the time that they spent waiting for their favourite person.

If you want to join Forthglade’s latest campaign to get dogs walking more, get involved in The Great Dog Walk Challenge. We’ll see you out there with our own beloved dogs.