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Get your older pet screened for diseases

February 7, 2018

Did you know that many diseases of old age are only discovered when symptoms show and that this may be too late to help your older pet?

At All Creatures we have invested in in house testing equipment that can screen for pointers of ill health before they show signs. That way we can give advice and simple, effective treatments to keep your pet fitter and healthier for longer and can even extend their life and their quality of life.

We are offering a senior blood test at booster time for dogs and cats from only £50. This test will check for diseases like kidney failure, diabetes, liver disease, infections and anaemia. We can also add in a thyroid function test for only another £25.

Ask for more details when you book your next booster. We will need your pet not to have had breakfast that day ideally. Don’t worry if you missed the offer, we can be flexible. We are here to help, so do get in touch.