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Head vet, Louise, advises how to keep your pet cool

July 7, 2019

We bet your pet loves basking in the sunshine as much as we do; it’s their chance to explore the great outdoors under blue skies with a relaxed, happy owner. On the flipside, though, there are some serious risks to be aware of. Our summer-loving head vet, Louise, lists the top five ways you can protect your pet.

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1. Be heat-aware

Unlike us, pets only have a limited ability to deal with the heat. While we can sweat through all of our skin, cats and dogs only release heat through their footpads and by panting. Dehydration can therefore become a major problem for pets if they overheat.

Ensure your furry companion has access to plenty of fresh, cool water and some shade. Avoid letting them outside during the hottest time of the day.

2. Keep bugs at bay

Another issue that’s more prevalent during the warmer months is the rise of parasites and insects. Fleas and ticks are more of a problem as the weather gets warmer, so make sure your pets have regular parasite treatment to make sure they’re protected. Also, be aware of bees and wasps that may be likely to sting your pet.

3. Consider sunscreen

Some pets may be susceptible to sunburn, especially if they have short, fine hair. Call us on 01603 89 89 84 to find out if sunscreen is a sensible option for your pet; we can also help you select the correct one.

4. Never leave pets in hot cars

No pet should ever be left alone in a parked car at any time of year, but especially in the warmer months. It can take only minutes for an animal to develop heatstroke while trapped in a vehicle. If you’re transporting your pet by car, make sure it’s well ventilated and cool and there’s plenty of fresh water.

5. Watch what they eat

Summer is the perfect time of year for garden parties and barbecues, but make sure you check what’s left lying around; your pet could unwittingly nibble on harmful leftovers – in your own garden or on walks in the park. Also, take care around glowing embers, discarded alcohol and broken glass.

We hope you’re having a fantastic summer. And, as always, make sure you talk to one of our vets at All Creatures for any further hot weather advice. If you haven’t already, book a summer check-up.