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New law petition: Scan cats after road accident

March 8, 2019

New law petition: Compulsory chip check for cats injured or killed by a vehicle

At All Creatures in Norwich, we’ve been holding our breath and waiting for the results of a petition that’s been building up speed in the animal-loving community. This petition is to create a new law that makes it compulsory for the micro-chips of any cats injured or killed by vehicles to be scanned.

The hope is that putting this law into place will put to rest the worries of families whose cats may go missing in the future due to road traffic accidents (RTA) that leave them injured or even dead.

The official petition description:

“Thousands of cats are just disposed of every year without being scanned for a chip after being involved in RTAs. Owners search for months and years and never get closure. Scanning takes two minutes. Cats are a part of a family and deserve to be returned home, not thrown into landfill.

Why do councils not have the same respect for cats as they do for dogs? They are someone’s family pet. The law must be changed so all cats are scanned and returned to their owners. A scanner is not expensive and all councils need providing with one and need to use it.
Many councils who say they scan, often don’t. There is NO excuse. It takes two minutes.

How dare they throw our beloved pets away.

EVERYONE needs to sign the petition to get this law passed for the cats.”

The government’s response:

“We do not consider that it is necessary to introduce a new law requiring cats involved in road traffic accidents to be checked for a microchip because it is already good practice for local authorities to do so.

 Cats and dogs become members of the family and it is a great source of worry and uncertainty when they are injured or lost.

 The Government encourages veterinary practices and rehoming centres to scan cats and dogs brought to their premises so that their owners can be identified. In cases of road traffic accidents, we encourage local authorities to identify the owners where possible.”

However, if this petition reaches 100,000 signatures before 1 April 2019 – it is currently at 76,427 signatures at the time of writing this article – this request for a new law will be considered in parliament.

If you’re interested in finding out more information or signing the petition for yourself, you can do so on this UK Government and Parliament petition.