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Pet pain awareness in Norfolk

August 7, 2018

Many pet owners probably think they could tell if their animal was in pain, but actually their instinct is to hide it as it would be seen as a sign of weakness in the wild.

September is Animal Pain Awareness month, so it seems appropriate for the team at Norwich to share some pointers on recognising pain in your pet. It’s also a timely reminder of the importance of keeping health checks up to date, so if it’s been a while, you can contact us to book an appointment.

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There are several fairly common indicators that your pet may be in pain. Some of them are age-related and easily treatable, but others may be signs of more serious underlying problems, so it’s important to establish that is not the case with a consultation at Sandy Lane, Horsford, Norwich, NR10 3FB.

Common signs of pet pain

While yelping, whining and crying are some of the obvious signs of pain, other symptoms can come on more slowly and be harder to spot as we spend so much time with our pets and may not notice such gradual changes.

Here are some examples of what to look out for in your pet:

Decreased activity, for example, a reluctance to go up and down stairs or a lack of interest in play.

Changes in the way your pet normally walks, especially if its gait has become laboured.

Difficulty standing up after they have been lying down.

Loss of appetite.

Changes in your pet’s posture, particularly if it seems to be hunched.

Wincing or aggressiveness when you stroke them in certain places that they have previously seemed to like.

Excessive licking of a particular area.

What these signs mean

In older animals many of these symptoms can often be attributed to age-related illnesses such as arthritis or back and hip pain. But any change in your pet’s regular habits and behaviour should be looked at.

The friendly team at All Creatures Healthcare is always around to answer your questions when you call on 01603 89 89 84 and will be happy to tell you about the various services we offer to keep your pets in the best health possible.

If you have any questions or to find out more about the practice and its services, simply contact us.

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