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Tips for bringing a new puppy home

March 14, 2020

As it’s National Puppy Day on March 23, the team at Norwich thought it would be a good time to bring you a checklist on how to prepare for a puppy, in case you’re thinking of getting one soon (we’re jealous) or know someone who is.

There’s more than one way to bring up a puppy, of course, so if you’ve any specific questions on the breed you’ve opted for, such as health issues, exercise requirements etc, our head nurse, Sarah, or any of the team, will happily answer them when you contact us.

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Preparing for a puppy

It’s a very exciting time when a tiny bundle of fluff comes home for the first time, but among all the play and bonding there are practicalities to be considered for all the family.

Toilet training

Talking about excitement, very few pups will have been toilet trained by the time they go to a new home and enthusiasm can trigger their bladders. Pop them outside as soon as you come home so they get the hang of where it’s appropriate to wee. A handy aid in training them is puppy pads.


Many people find crate training works really well. A crate gives a pup a safe place to retreat to and a secure bed. Never send your puppy there as a punishment. Find a corner of your home that will be your puppy’s special place, and set the crate or bed up there, with lots of cosy blankets.

Puppy proofing

Puppies are inquisitive and will want to explore their surroundings to the full, but there might be areas you don’t want them in or parts of the house or garden that aren’t really safe for them. Baby gates are useful, and remember to keep any dangerous substances well out of reach.

Toys and equipment

You’ll find you and your puppy won’t be able to get enough dog toys. There are plenty out there, from cuddly items to balls and chewies. You’ll also need a collar or harness and a lead, of course, for when you start getting out and about.

We could go on – in fact, we could talk about puppies all day – but for a basic checklist hopefully this gives you the kind of pointers you need. If you’re getting a puppy, please talk to us about vaccinations and early general health care – you can make an appointment when you call on 01603 89 89 84.

And if you know someone else who’s expecting a puppy, why not share this story with them?

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