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World Snake Day – Snake Facts & Care

July 7, 2020

World Snake Day is celebrated on Thursday 16th July and the team at All Creatures Healthcare is keen to use the day to increase awareness of the wide variety of snakes that exist around the world and the way we can care for and enjoy them.

In the United Kingdom, there are actually only four native species of snakes: the adder, grass snake, smooth snake and barred grass snake but plenty of people keep more exotic species of these wonderful companions. Corn snakes, Ball Snakes & Ball or Royal Pythons are all popular snakes for beginners.

If you’re interested in keeping a snake then you should definitely talk to Louise our head vet, before you take the plunge as there is lots to consider before your start your reptile adventure.

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Whilst they make a great pet, choosing to keep a snake is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Contrary to popular belief, snakes are neither cold nor slimy and most species are not dangerous. Some can be relatively easy to keep in small spaces, as their lifestyle doesn’t require a lot of exercise.

Cage & Equipment

You’ll need some kind of snake proof enclosure that’s the right size for your snake. It’ll need plenty of hidey-holes and a snake specific bottom lining. Depending on the snake you choose it may also need special lighting or even a water feature!


All snakes are carnivores and most like their food whole, so, be prepared to keep frozen rats, mice and insects. Small or young snakes may need to eat twice a week but some larger ones can go much longer between meals. Like all animals, snakes need a plentiful supply of fresh water too.


You don’t need to ‘walk’ your snake, but they do need their own type of exercise and enrichment. Make sure their enclosure or vivarium has branches for them to climb up and rocks for them to crawl around and under. Some snakes like a pool in their enclosure as they occasionally like a dip.

We hope this short article has inspired you to look into keeping a snake of your own. As we said above, we’re very happy to chat to you about keeping a snake, before you choose the perfect pet, so please do contact us if you have any questions.

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