Diagnostic Equipment

At All Creatures we have invested in specialist equipment so we can run tests on your pet like you would have in hospital. This enables us to provide the very best standard of care for your pet.

Ultrasound scanner – This machine can be used to check for pregnancy or look at organs like the liver and the heart. We have a very small probe as well which means we can even scan small birds and guinea pig hearts. It is exactly the same as the ones they use in human hospitals.

Blood pressure machine – just like at your Doctor’s, this machine measures blood pressure using a tiny cuff and can be put in the kennel with the patient to minimise stress and obtain a more realistic reading. We can use it in clinics and during operations.

Tonopen – this small piece of equipment can measure the pressure in your pet’s eye- we use this to test for and monitor treatment for a condition called glaucoma. This machine makes the test pain free and it can be done in the consulting room with no sedation or anaesthesia.

ECG - This machine measures the electrical activity of the heart- sounds complex but it gives out a trace that we can use to check the rate and rhythm of the heart. Just like the ones they use in human hospitals and defibrillators.

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Healthy Pet Plan

Healthy Pet Plan

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