24-Hour Cover

All the cover the pets of Norwich will ever need

We all know that our pets don’t just need our help between 9 & 5 so we offer a suite of services and facilities that offer you and your pets care when they need it most.

Regular care

During our opening times the whole team is at your disposal. From receptionist Sandra through to head nurse Sue and the vet team lead by Louise, Sally-Ann and Anja all you need to do is book in and we’ll help.

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Emergency Vet for Norwich

In an emergency please call 01603 89 89 84

24 hour pet-care and in-patient wards

Our Norwich surgery has access to two levels of daily and overnight care. The top level is our 24-hour pet-care ward, which is supervised by our vet and nursing staff day and night offering the most intensive care. For pets that don’t require quite as much attention we also have an in-patient ward, which offers less intensive care (and happily costs less too). Your vet will talk you through the best option for you and your pet.

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Surgery Location


We're the first vet in the UK to have their own DIY dog wash - Open 24/7

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