COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – an update for our clients.

Cat friendly clinic

Whichever way you look at it, most cats (and their owners!) do not look forward to a trip to the vets, or the cattery for that matter. With this in mind we have made a few changes here at All Creatures to ensure that you and your cat have the most pleasant trip as possible.

  1. We now use Feliway diffusers in our consulting rooms and wards
  2. We have a separate cat ward with Feliway Diffusers
  3. We run 15 minute consultations so we have time to be patient and hopefully the waiting room is less busy
  4. Our rearranged seating plan means you can lift up your cat’s carrier and move away from dogs. If you would like us to take your cat to a quieter area prior to your appointment if the waiting room is busy or noisy please ask.

Preparing your cat for the vets

Knowing how to conquer your cat’s anxiety is the first step to having a successful trip to the vets. This is why, we’ve put together a downloadable guide to preparing your cat for the vets.

Download your guide

If you still have any concerns about bringing your cat to see us or how to get them into their carry case, why not contact a member of our team on 01603 89 89 84 for one-to-one advice.