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Our Healthcare Scheme

Our Healthy Pet Plan for pets in Norwich

We offer a unique Pet Health Plan designed to cover the cost of preventative healthcare for all your pets, including exotics, for a modest monthly fee. Our Pet Health Plan works alongside your pet’s insurance policy and the two combine to help you budget for the vast majority of your veterinary costs to help keep your pet in the best possible shape. We believe we offer one of the best value and comprehensive health plans available.

Sign up to our Healthy Pet Plan

Or visit the practice and we’ll help you complete the short form.

More Information

The following essentials are all included in the cost of the plan:

Dogs and Cats – from only £13 per month

Annual vaccinations (including Kennel Cough for dogs and Feline Leukaemia Virus for cats).

  • A whole year’s flea and worm treatment- tailor-made for your pet and its lifestyle
  • A microchip
  • A health check consultation every 6 months
  • A FREE consultation a year to use if your pet is ill
  • Our pet healthcare email newsletter

Rabbits – only £8 per month

  • Annual vaccinations – Myxomatosis and VHD vaccine and RVHD2 vaccine.
  • An annual dose of Panacur Rabbit wormer
  • A free bag of food
  • Free microchip
  • Twice yearly health checks
  • A free consultation if your rabbit is ill
  • 10% discount off all our products and services

Exotic Pets – only £8 per month

  • Twice yearly health checks
  • Annual faecal parasite testing
  • A dose of wormer as required
  • Free microchip
  • A free bag of food or supplement, recommended and appropriate to your pet
  • A FREE consultation if your pet is ill
  • 10% discount off all products and services

The Plan only takes about 10 minutes to set up by filling out out a form online or in the practice.