Puppy advisors

Personal Puppy Advisors & Healthy Kitten Club

Register a new puppy or kitten with All Creatures Healthcare and we will allocate you a member of our nursing team to be your personal advisor. This nurse will guide you through the vital first weeks and months of pet ownership. You can call or email our nurses for free advice on any matter, however small.

Contact a Nurse for Free Advice

We aim to see all our puppies and kittens at least every 4 weeks in the first few months, which means very soon they will come to think of us as part of the family. Owners always tell us how eager their puppies are to come and visit. Maybe it’s those liver treats?

When you register a new puppy or kitten you will be entitled to join our Pet Health Plan that allows you to budget monthly for preventative care and routine treatments as well as make great savings on all our products such as food, treats and toys and medical services.

Other free advice

As well as our puppy and kitten advisors we also offer free pet healthcare advice via a monthly email newsletter. Sign up and you’ll get timely, proactive pet-care advice, aimed at preventing common pet problems, delivered direct to your inbox every month.

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Puppy Parties

Join in the fun at our puppy parties and give your new family member a great start to life

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